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Annie Update!

Keith being "God" as he did every day in "Green Room" right before we went on stage.

Me dressed as my charecter, Connie Boylan

Me and Christina dressed as bums for Hooverville

"Ahh, the lovely Boylan sisters" TeHe, Me-Connie, Sarah-Bonnie, and Brittany-Ronnie

Boylan Sisters with Bert Healy

(Mind you we im still in Theatre Makeup) Me and Kassie(July) and some kid with a beer behind us at the Cast party after Saturday's show

Me and Kassie again ^__^

Keeeff and Joe playing Beer pong at the party (Joe is straight edge, he scores, keeeff drinks lol)

(I was standing on a couch, thus im up so high) Keeeff(Rooster) and I

Amber(Ensamble) and I the day of our last show (I didnt feel like getting in costume just yet)

Me and Manny(Daddy Warbucks)

Me and Lauren(Lilly) (I finally got around to getting the makeup done but still no costume :P)

Me and Samer(dog catcher, cabinet member)<3

Me and Charmaine(Star-To-Be)

Me and Jen(Grace)

Me and Prestika(Sophie)
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