Make Love To That Camera


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This is a community for all the little camera whores out there.
Do you love yourself so much you have to constantly take pictures, in order to look at yourself for hours?
Or do you hate yourself so much you constantly need to take picture, in order to get the compliments that help your self esteem?
Or are you just camera crazy?

come join us and make love to that camera...

But before you join, we need to make sure you are a genuine camera whore.
so fill out this quick little application, and let us be the judge :)

*(please answer with photos when starred)*

1. name and age?

*2. favorite bands/artists?

*3. favorite picture of something/someone OTHER than yourself?

4. hobbies/interests?

5. type of camera you use?

*6. the most disgusting or disturbing photo you've ever seen?

7. favorite spot to take pictures?

*8. best friend(s)/significant other?

*9. at least one baby photo of yourself?

*10. at least 3 clear pictures of you?

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